Anyone has any business idea?


I would like to invest into individuals or startups by financing their model costs (up to 25,000 $).

Drop me a message for details (that implies that you must have been some kind of active on this platform before otherwise you can’t contact me - you need to be a level 1 trusted member of the community to send private messages).


*edited the number format from 25.000 to 25,000 to avoid confusion.


$25 or $25k?

What’s vertical do you prefer?

I have no idea what you mean. Maybe you could reread what I wrote to find answers.
It’s pretty straightforward.

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Also I want to add that I am searching for up to 5 of such and I am also willing to help with the projects (prompting, programming, devops and general advice) - if that is needed.

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25000 (fünfundzwanzigtausend) US Dollars would be written for the natives as $25,000.

And as for the other bro-talk, ask an AI:

In the context of startups and business dealings, when someone asks “what’s the vertical?”, they are likely referring to the vertical market or vertical industry that the startup is targeting or operating within.

A vertical market refers to a specific industry or niche market where businesses offer products or services tailored to meet the needs of a particular group of customers with specialized requirements. Examples of vertical markets include healthcare, finance, education, retail, technology, real estate, and many others.

When an investor asks about the vertical, they are interested in understanding which industry or market segment the startup is focusing on, as this can provide valuable insights into the startup’s target customers, market dynamics, competition, and growth potential. It helps investors assess the startup’s market opportunity, competitive positioning, and overall business strategy.


Yeah, right. The number format might be wrong - I appologize für mein not being a native speaker. But assuming that someone makes a post willing to invest $25.00 is just hillarious.

And if I was interested in a specific niche I’d put that in too. There is no need for interpretation.

You got a project or an idea (and you are a developer willing to build it), that needs oai model credits then message me.


Haha, I was thinking $25 instead of $25000.

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However then take it as a test to make it easier to select :sweat_smile:

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btw, I speak 14 languages. So sometimes you can become a little confused.


Lmao :rofl:
Counting money with 3 digit’s of accuracy, now that’s German precision! :rofl:

Did you win the lottery? or do you have 25k worth of credits burning on some account? :laughing:


Actually afaik it is arabic precision (although since oai prices also have higher precission it may make some sense. Let’s raise it to $25,000.005).

Want to give away 125k not 25k but want to split it among multiple projects.

No lottery involved.


you’re kind of in a tough market Jochen - microsoft is giving folks $125_000 $146_000 in azure creds for zero equity.

What strings are you attaching to your 25k?

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So you need it and did not get microsoft funding or why do you ask?


I would grab this opportunity if I could but I’m just a wannabe developer. One day I will make it :smile: .

Ah, no, I’m just generally curious - if you’re willing to share :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a one answer fits all solution to your curiousity.

one might get the impression that you are just trying to mess around with people in this forum. :wink:


I’m working on Agent Bruno - an AI assistant for the energy sector. The first version is out and have solid plan for future release.

Let me know what you think - If you are on LinkedIn DM me.

I was asking for a private message. If the forum does not allow that please don’t use another way.
I am asking for a pm for multiple reasons.

Hi Jochen ! Please drop me a line to to discuss this challenge. MZV