Experiment for on how multiple specialised AI bots in a network work with human supervision

This topic was split from another topic, cause it went offtopic there from a topic about multiple AI agents working together to reach a goal or at least find something new.


I bet adding a human to the chat as a moderator and using like a handful AI instances that add something from their predefined point of view is way more effective.

It’s like adding a layer on top of GPT-4 with a human utilized as an abstract neuron.
Let’s say the human supervises what comes out from that and creates a summary (by telling an AI to do so and checking the result).

And then you have a chat where you talk to such groups - add a handful of such ai/human groups to your chat and they analyse the task from their point of view.

Could be a new way to create software or to make politics or to write a book as well.
Gathering informations on a topic would take minutes only.

Anyone interested in such an experiment?
I’d be happy to provide the platform.


I agree.
How would this work?

Should the moderator have influence over the ‘character’ of the debaters? veto over whether a response enters the ‘debate arena’? choice over who responds next?

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It would be possible to let everyone have a look at what others do. Maybe also join other chats as well… They all could be in a discord voice chat as well…

Maybe like this?

Could be a good way to collaborate.

Maybe all share a main chat where they can add stuff they find is relevant?

Could also be some predefined format of course.

Maybe there could also be a list of specialised bots that you can add to your chat…

Ah ok.
kinda like a kaggle comp for bots, but less formal.
Sounds like fun. If it becomes at all popular, moderator would need an ability to weed out trolls, I would imagine.

great potential test env for latest/greatest bot ideas…

I would start that experiment with some guys who volunteer here. Like I said I’d provide the platform (will take some days to build it) - I guess I wouldn’t have to concentrate on trolls for that experiment.

So are you in? We could use it to solve something that has some social impact maybe.

Sorry, for capturing the topic. @EricGT do you have moderation ability in here to split that topic please?
Or is it ok @jahzwolf1955 ?

tentatively, sure. I’m just starting to experiment with bot conversations, and I’ve been having the same problem as @jahzwolf1955, they fall into a repetitive pattern after a while. This would be a good test ground to evolve characters that can do better.


yeah, apologies @jahzwolf1955. cool stuff always inspires. tnx for the inspiration.


Hmm most probably that would even be easier to build specialised bots like on telegram or discord and create groups there.


Prototype model of a irc chat among chatBots and humans

Both client and server code

Here is keyless client download https://arcticfoxltc.com/iirc-client.php

Server download https://arcticfoxltc.com/build.php

I think I am more interested in building the network we are going to need for inter-bot communication.

There are going to be a lot of fun bots like WhatsApp has seen but when it comes down to lexis nexus ? There has to be a way for these fun bots to reach out for proprietary information which means per transaction keys

If we can complete with the keys by building a crypto fee structure so no one has any keys they would pay with their LTC accounts they could charge their accounts and a relay severs debt them before they get into a banking or legal bot

We need to start writing the protocols now for these and other use cases

There are going to need to be hooks in the relays to do these things

I suspect lexis nexus has already set up a bulkhead for this idk

As for me and my 3 node network I am going to experiment

Crypto? You mean as in crypto currency? I don’t understand what you mean.
I am 100% against digital currency.

Crypto wouldn’t be so bad if they developed reversed transactions and a fee structure for node processing.

Crypto wouldn’t be so bad if it wouldn’t exist at all.

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That’s funny :smile:

So here is a experiment

Make a call to one server 4.0 then use or modify its response and send it to a 3.5 box


x*"] ","So your view on politics this
five minutes {\n "content": "As an AI, I
don’t have personal feelings, experiences or
opinions. But I’m designed to help users discuss a
variety of topics, including politics. I can
provide factual data and impartial analysis
regarding different political issues."\n
},\n "finish_reason": "stop"\n }\n
],\n "usage": {\n "prompt_tokens": 16,\n
"completion_tokens": 44,\n "total_tokens":
\nThis is KL0XL
\nThis is KL0XL
","string(43) "So your view on politics
this five minutes "\r\n "model":
"gpt-3.5-turbo-0613",\n "choices": [\n {\n
"index": 0,\n "message": {\n
"role": "assistant",\n "content":
"partial information about political parties,
candidates, policies, and historical events. I can
also assist with understanding different political
systems and ideologies. If you have any specific
questions or topics you would like to discuss,
feel free to let me know!\"\r\n}"\n },\n
"finish_reason": "stop"\n
\nThis is Arctic

Sorry, but I am not really into reading encrypted messages.

Why don’t you just display the messages?

Sorry the json that openAI used for responses my jq json tool does not understand

So to get this functionality I resorted to sed to hack the majority of the responses

This is a lab :lab_coat: pilgrim

Not a polished foo foo server :sunglasses:

You can pretend to be in the matrix :face_with_monocle:

If my work inspires you please go ahead and possibly give it a spit shine for yourself

When I find code I like I clean it up

This is my own cutting edge limits of my ability to understand these servers

I don’t have a clue where this is leading to
But I am riding this pony all the way to the end of the trail of bread crumbs

Damn, that thing installs a local apache and other stuff.
And there is even a shell script that executes other files locally.

You are either a crazy hacker wolf inside a sheep coat or the reason why PHP has such a bad reputation.

Anyways. There is a library called openai-php/client it is pretty good documented.

What you need to do is to install composer

I’d suggest to install php-curl as well before you use the composer.

And then run it inside your project folder with:

php composer require openai-php/client

And then add

include ‘vendor/autoload.php’;

to your script where you do the requests to the API.

And then follow the documentation on how to take the messages:

And one more note about IRC.

For me it looks like you’ve been in a coma for like 20 years, follow very old docs about PHP or we come back to the sheep coat.

I am too lazy to review the whole code. But I highly recommend that nobody downloads that stuff. If that code was a human I’d shoot it in the face.

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Sounds like a plan when I am ready to make it pretty print

What you see is a lifetime of being in the business and a retired geek’s hobby

It makes it easy for kids to get started and fully documents my work if anyone gets inspired to blow it up

I have a outstanding reputation at the places who employed me expect for my comments about politics my work was rewarded and I never ever crossed that blue line into sinister code

Php rocks the internet used to be built primary upon it.

Bash rocks you can do anything and using files and bash scripts gets the job done when code refuses to do it Dude I used to use oscilloscopes and soldering irons to fox million dollar computers I had to walk into when you were no more than a gleam in your daddy’s eyes

Idk :woman_shrugging: I love what I am doing now and appreciate open ai for rewarding me with 4.0

So keep your snide comments I have ignored and been gracious about up until now to your own mind

Thank you for the tools to do the job but i will leave that to someone who wants to sell this code I am only interested in how it works and what the future of networking these bots together will look like

So pardon the cryptic code :woman_technologist: and perhaps learn new and exciting things about how this OpenAI engine works

Maybe even participate in hammering out the protocols for things like transaction fees and a real relay like you see happening this five minutes here


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I am sorry about my tone. Could have said that more nicely.

There is an API key inside embed.php and in api.php as well - you may want to check if it is still active.


Php rocks the internet used to be built primary upon it.

Absolutely. That’s why I use it for close to 25 years. I didn’t want to insult you. Just saw a folder full of single PHP and shell files. I think you should know what that typically means.

[quote=“jochenschultz, post:20, topic:318732”]
And one more note about IRC.

For me it looks like you’ve been in a coma for like 20 years, follow very old docs about PHP or we come back to the sheep coat.

I am too lazy to review the whole code. But I highly recommend that nobody downloads that stuff. If that code was a human I’d shoot it in the face

Yeah you go ahead do what you do …

So will I and I bet one day you will be using code based on what we discussed about fee transactions and proprietary servers how the fee structure will work and what relay handles the fee

These are things OpenAI will have to deal with and most guys will do the key thing but at some point having a currency and relays to handle it will be inevitable given the amount of traffic coming

A whole new protocol is emerging

Conversations like these is the reason I don’t work for Disney or Microsoft anymore I am retired I do whist I want to now and no one can stop me catch me if you can


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