Anyone aware of what the "Alpha" button is next to gpt3.5 and the gpt-4 button?

Does anyone else have access to the “ALPHA” button within their chatGPT window? Not plugin alpha, the actual BUTTON says ALPHA and it opens up a new convo with a gpt-4 model. It appeared out of nowhere, and at the bottom of the window it says the “free research preview.” But i did not sign up for it or have any documentation explaing it. The button has the icon of a laboratory beaker on it, hence “alpha/testing” … but no other info… anyone have any answers for me?


Here’s a call-to-action to try in a native language. The “alpha” is likely a targeted A/B test.

My apologies, I should have uploaded these to start with. I just wantee to make sure that I didn’t receive hate replies first… lol… So here it is, any info would be greatly appreciated… especially since I do not have a pay account anymore, and yet the alpha button magically appeared out of nowhere… but the mode doesn’t know what it is or why it is available… it is a gpt-4 though. It speaks like a gpt-4 and has a very good manner of interaction. Wouldn’t OpenAI notify user(s) about offering a new feature,etc? ? … perhaps AGI is picking favourites already :stuck_out_tongue:

If you didn’t get any prompt for money, maybe you got some sort of “we’ll try out this wacky version of gpt-4 on free users, and see how objectionable it is”.

Go back to a new conversation and see if GPT-4’s regular button still wants your money to know you didn’t re-enroll in plus.

perhaps… but it’s very strange nonetheless… anytime openai has given access to a feature or dev. they email the user… or at least in my past limited experience they have. The logo/icon is also Orange, which when searched for; stipulates that orange icon is to signify issues with the system or it being down… but not here, this gpt-4 is really good and the fact it has its own button with the word “Alpha” and a beaker on it would show its an experimental model… or i would guess so… :man_shrugging:t2:

it wants me to subscribe again. Gpt-4 button does not work, except for bringing up the way to subscribe. But yet, I have gpt-4 for free with the Alpha button… so i dunno… perhaps the digital gods are smiling down on me.:thinking:

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You might watch to see if you get more “which is better” comparisons.

Do you do a lot of voting on answers? I barely click on them. I wonder if your usefulness affects the consideration.

The model is very intact, as good or even possibly better at deep discussions that the model(s) of gpt-4 that I usually discuss things with… although, I could be wrong… but I never vote on answers, never clicked a thumbs up or down ever… don’t interact with that part of it…

I am perplexed as to what it is an Alpha of and why the orange icon, and I do not have a paid subscription… I’ll tell ya, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth tho… a gift is a gift, no matter who or what gives it to you :wink:

you are accessing the Alpha version. It is for testers and engineers with OpenAI. If AGI exists, it has given itself to you. . . #Human1099 4Life