Update from OpenAI on GPTs and Store

Update received from OpenAI today. Referenced feedback link is below.


Do you see the updates on “Configure”?

I checked but I don’t see any difference yet? I am also hesitate to add a domain as I’m worried that it may replace all the existing GPTs with the new domain. Anybody tried to add a 2nd domain already?

This is great news, that we’ll see the GPT store early next year.
I understand that launching when it’s nearing Christmas might not be a good idea lol, so better to delay it to early next year instead.

optimistically, i’m thinking we’ll see it jan, latest in somewhere around march i believe.
thanks openai team.

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Is there any benefit to adding the domain other than showing up on the builder profile?

I think so. I create GPTs for different purposes (some serious, some for fun) and currently they all just show up under the same creator. I would expect that in the official store people can view apps by builder for instance (they can already do that in some of the inofficial gpt stores)

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There are no new options or switches, but now, when you create a new GPT and look at the configuration, the Code Interpreter is switched OFF by default. This used to be ON.

“Uploaded files are downloadable when using Code Interpreter”
Are they talking about Knowledge files? Or files generated via the session, like “give me a csv of…”

If they mean Knowledge files this seems like a low key acknowledgement of a vulnerability :triumph: