Is there any news on the revenue sharing of GPTs?

It was supposed to be announced sometime in Q1 2024, but now it’s the end of March, , and there are still few details about it.

Nothing has been announced since Dev Day.

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Some hints

It’s almost the end of Q1. Proprietary models from Google and Anthropic have caught up, even open source is very close.
What’s happening?
If OpenAI want to keep the momentum they need to make it economically viable for developers to build GPTs on the platform. I still believe it’s best for all parties involved when users pay a subscription for Plus and get access to the store.
What’s the deal on revenue share?
OpenAI has been quiet for too long.

I would bet the issue is that the back-end compute is insufficient* even for the current demand, and the last thing they want now is to increase the demand.
Frankly, right now I’m more concerned with the viability of the service. If it doesn’t work properly there will be no pie to share.

(*) As can be seen from the inaccurate responses of RAG-augmented GPTs.
“Hallucinations” were funny at the end of 2022; but not anymore.