Any plans for resuming the old arrears billing system?

Back when OpenAI had the standard pay-as-you-use (aka arrears) billing system, I only used it once in a while to try out some new stuff I was researching or coding something that made use of GPT.

Since last year, I believe, OpenAI changed my billing system, without warning, to their pre-paid, expirable credits system, with a minimum purchase amount. Since I don’t use that much, and even the lowest credit purchase would most likely expire before I managed to use it all, I’m wondering if OpenAI has plans of offering the old billing system.

I’m a bit peeved they have changed the billing system without warning me about the change, even… That has, unfortunately, hindered my research into using GPTs for my work…

Welcome back.

You don’t think you’d use $5 within a year?