Any news when PDF's can be uploaded again?

This is the second day that we can’t upload pdf files anymore, it worked for a few hours and then today nothing anymore. Maybe they have a few nodes that have problems parsing pdf files? That would explain why some customers still can do it, and others not. I’m from europe, maybe it is region related?

Can’t upload pdf files using any browser even in the mobile android app it doesn’t work anymore.

It’s always stuck at 95% (like if the file was uploaded but can’t be parsed because there is no service to parse)


Zip files are also not uploading, enabling code intepreter doesnt help as well.

Can’t OpenAI just reboot all the servers or revert to a previous model that still works?

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Unfortunately not. OpenAI is notorious for breaking things and never acknowledging it.

The good news is that they are also notorious for fixing it within a decent timeframe and it “just working” again.

I’m honestly under the impression that they don’t test anything (to an extent) and just push things to production to see what happens :rat: :cheese:. Hopefully when this is all fixed people will notice improvements in retrieval.

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According to there are no problems…

An alternative option is to use Breebs to host Knowledge.

A Breeb is a knowledge capsule created from PDF files and can then be used from the Breebs GPT, from the website, or serve as a basis for creating a specialized GPT.

FAQ available on the Breebs website, or directly by asking the Breebs GPT.
There is also a tuto on how to create a GPT linked to a Breeb.

5PM : Oooh god, it works again. I’m gonna upload quickly before it dissapears again.

5:20pm update**: it’s down again

It still does not work for me.
Please fix it!

Seems region specific though. I’m based in the Middle East (UAE) and had no issues here this week so far - although last week I also encountered the problem a few times.

Working in US. It just the AI output that stinks.

Like the AI is just taking a crap on custom instructions “…ChatGPT will employ the new context length to write long, fulfilling responses, following the instructions carefully and attentively.”

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