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Hello everyone,

I’ve been experimenting with the PDF plugins and I’m curious if anyone has determined which uploading services are compatible. I’ve tried OneDrive and Google so far, but neither AskYourPDF nor ChatWithPDF seem to be able to access them. AskYourPDF, in particular, seems to require me to upload the data on their website. While this might be suitable for publicly accessible documents, it’s not ideal for private ones. Has anyone else encountered this issue or found a solution? Also, it appears that ChatWithPDF might not be functioning properly yet. Any insights would be appreciated.

Thank you!

what is the difference between uploading the data to their website vs give full access to them for your onedrive and allow them to download the data :rofl:


Had you set the sharing permission properly? You need to make the document can be viewed publicly.

For askpdf, you need to upload to their server and give the document id generated. For chatwithpdf, you can use any link that public can view

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Hi. Yes, the permission are setup correctly, the document is publicly availible. It’s still not working - frustrating…