WordPlay - a writing assistance tool

I’ve been playing with the fine-tunes as well as DaVinci for FPRG writing, but overall, the utilities I’ve been using to assist my writing have been pretty varied. With all the different thoughts, techniques, prompts, and even fine tunes, I was looking for a single application I could leverage to write on the fly.

I put together a Streamlit app using python to cobble together my prompts and utilities into one place. You have to bring your own API Key to use it, but I’m putting it out here for people to leverage for a while. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but at least I can use my phone to kickstart ideas!



Is it allowed to use API key outside of this setting? Isn’t that publishing it?

No, it’s not publishing it AFAIK, the key is used to validate posts, and there’s no storage of any kind in this app.

Great. I’ll check it out soon.

I ran out of my quota again, I don’t use OAI much and then get timed out. I use STORY LIVE TEXT SYNTH CREATIVE EDITOR AI CST FROM GEOFF DAVIS FABRICE BELLARD as it is OS (it’s my research site).
btw I’m editing an AI Anthology, please go to storysoftware.org

regards Geoff