An app that helps students - Doctrina AI - Feedback

Hello OpenAI Community!

I wanted to introduce a new product built on top of GPT3 called Doctrina AI that I have been working on. Doctrina AI is a platform that helps students learn faster and have more free time. It currently offers three main features: an Essay Generator, Exam Generator, and a Quiz Generator.

The Essay Generator can create a student essay on any topic, saving students time and effort in their writing assignments. The Exam Generator generates a list of questions and answers from a book, making it easier for students to study and prepare for exams. The Quiz Generator generates quizzes based on a book, helping students test their understanding and retention of the material.

I am looking for feedback on Doctrina AI as I am considering raising capital from investors. Do you think Doctrina AI has enough features to attract (pre-seed) investment? What other features would you like to see in a product like this? I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

PS: Features will be vastly improved if I can prove market fit. For example, each student on sign up can choose topics and get their own fine-tuned model.


Congratulations. Good luck on the launch!

Thank you, Paul! I appreciate it.

Why cant i access the site its saying u are blocked.

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Hey! I cannot access the site, it’s saying I’m blocked. Any suggestions on how I can fix that?

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Hey, why am i blocked from the website I can’t access it.

Why i am unblocked how to i solve that problem what is the way of joining the app

Why i have been blocked by your website sir. I was trying to study for an exam. Please solve this issue. And kindly unblock me.