SocratiQ - A brand new way to learn *anything*

Hello All,

I’m an educator and educational researcher / reformer working on better ways to learn, teach and assess. One of the key issues I’ve struggled with is how agency elevating methods such as inquiry based learning are not mainstream because they are almost impossible to scale. Or, they were until LLMs became accessible. SocratiQ aims to take inquiry based learning mainstream by providing immediate feedback (api latency willing), personalized deep or broad inquiries and fun UX.

I’ve been working on SocratiQ on and off for a couple of months and want to share it with the dev community here. It is part of a suite of learning products we are developing at koodup. I’d love for you all to have a spin and let me know what you think. I can’t add links to my post yet, but you should be able to find it by searching for Koodup or on my profile.

One of the dangers of using LLMs in education is exacerbating loneliness and lack of connection. SocratiQ aims not fall into the trap by making it collaboration first and adding teacher / facilitator tools for providing feedback, detailed notes and guides.

On the technical front:

  1. GPT-4, accessed through a FastAPI app hosted on MS Azure.
  2. Custom embedding vector store (using Ada) for long term memory and personalization built on top of postgres.
  3. SvelteKit on frontend.

I’m super grateful to OpenAI for creating huge value for educators like us by making it possible to realize our dreams at scale.

We are designing SocratiQ with a focus towards students middle-school and above . Eager to hear what you all think. :blue_heart:


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