Almost ready and GTP crashes, leaving my custom worthless

I have diligently maintained my GPT system, meticulously designed to assist individuals in their preparation for the life insurance examination. However, shortly before my scheduled exam, I encountered a significant setback. Despite employing all available prompts, exercising patience, and consistently saving my progress before disengaging, I returned to find a disheartening reality: a substantial portion of approximately two weeks’ worth of meticulous work had inexplicably vanished. Not only were my carefully crafted custom prompts lost, but the system also appeared oblivious to the copy-and-paste functionality I had diligently integrated to facilitate seamless import-export procedures during updates. Furthermore, it now exclusively conducts research through Bing, disregarding the supplementary documents I had previously uploaded for user assistance. Instead, it inexplicably outputs file paths like “/mnt/data/Adaptive learning and more instructions V001.docx” when queried about its purpose. This abrupt malfunction, occurring mere moments before my examination, poses a daunting challenge, given the considerable dedication I’ve invested in refining this GPT system. Urgent assistance in restoring its functionality is imperative. Could you kindly provide guidance on how to proceed?

Additionally, I encountered an unexpected issue whereby the system failed to recognize my Plus user status, despite the designation appearing in my user panel. It abruptly terminated my session, necessitating the closure of my browser to resume interactions.

Even my older sessions that I have that I created while using the gtp like a normal one, outside the building environment is drastically altered so something is wrong.

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Not sure if this will help you; but I have had this happen to me once or twice. I went into the create side of the builder area and told it to restore all instructions back to the last version. They reappeared.

The lesson I did learn there was to keep my prompts on a txt file that I upload as knowledge base, rather than putting them in the instructions section. It’s a bit of a pain having to upload the new txt every time I make a change; but at least it saves me from having this problem.

Another thing I do is keep a production version and a sandbox version of more complex GPTs. So I can update prompts and test them pretty quick in the sandbox version, and then when I am happy with them, I transfer them to the txt file and upload it to the production version.

Hope this helps!

It restored itself so it was a chatgpt hiccup.

Thats a great idea I also have a form saver/restore plug in I can use too, come to think of it. Save it and rename it then restore is as easy as open and click. I use it for important stuff like when I had to get finger printed and didn’t want to lose my typed info because I had to leave in a hurry. I was thankful I did, for I had to start over when I returned. I’ll use it for my gpts.

It’s called Web Developer Form Saver, if you’re interested in it. I’ll edit this when I can get back to the pc and double check…done