Lost / Unsaved Update with GPT Builder

After 2 hours of entering information into the GPT i was creating, I hit update and noticed that none of the information i entered was registered. I created a specific timeline of events, hit enter, and update which looks to have saved things. I went to see the GPT, entered a prompt to test if my updates were entered “list the timeline of events” and it was COMPLETELY wrong. All made up information.

Is the best course of action to upload a document that contains this information instead of entering it in through the GPT Builder? I don’t want this to happen again as it is a monumental waste of time :frowning:

It is important to understand what the GPT Builder is.

It is not an AI model trainer. It does not fine-tune an AI for you.

The only facility that the AI helps with is creating contents of a single text box “instructions”. You can switch to the configure tab and see exactly what the AI has written.

Every time you ask for the instructions to be updated or improved, or the builder is incorporating some new behavior for you as it interviews you, it re-sends a newly-constructed total instruction.

Talking to the AI over and over means multiple re-writes, where it is unlikely to preserve verbatim details, and is fact told to weave the new instructions into what previously existed.

After getting the initial help of having all the fields filled out for you, I would switch to configure and simply work with the text: direct instructions to the GPT of how to operate.

Then although there is automatic save of a draft that should be working, ensure that you “create” and then “update” at every turn, even if just publishing to yourself. And backup the good text.


Ahh I see thank you. I will keep this in mind. I am very new to this as its my first attempt at using it. So would you recommend compiling all of the desired information in a doc first then uploading them all so that things are not rewritten and constructed anew?

That sounds like a plan, if you are a better wordsmith than an AI.

Not “uploading”, but just pasting the plain text into the instruction box.

Hi @Ahlson,

@_j explained everything clearly. I’ll just add a few points.

There are three options to consider when making changes or updating instructions in GPT Builder:

Option 1:

When you want to create a GPT on GPT Builder, you will be on the ‘Configure’ tab.

  1. Give your GPT a name immediately and click the ‘Create’ button.
  2. Switch to the ‘Create’ tab and start a chat with GPT Builder. Once GPT Builder creates some instructions, check them in the ‘Configure’ tab. If everything looks good, click ‘Create’ again. Since there were no instructions when we saved just the name, you will see the ‘Create’ button. After that, you will see the ‘Update’ button in the same location.
  3. After each chat and update with GPT Builder, click the ‘Update’ button.
  4. By using the ‘Update’ button, GPT Builder will create a ‘Version History’. Although you or GPT Builder might make mistakes, you can recover all previously recorded steps.

If you do not want to see a messy ‘Version History’, select ‘Duplicate GPT’ and after cloning your GPT give a new name (or same name) and delete old one.


Option 2:

Follow the same strategy as above, but save all updates in a text file such as txt, md, or docx separating them with symbols like dashes or dots, as you prefer.

Option 3:

There are several GPT Builders available on GPT Store. You can create your GPT using them. If you don’t delete your chats, you won’t lose your updates.