Custom GPTs forgetting, not saving, errors, timing out, requiring info re-entry

Hi - hope you can help. I have been trying to make a custom gpt over the past few days but even as I save as I am creating, the gpt occasionally completely forgets what I have entered. Sometimes, I am timing out as I build it (being asked to return a few hours later). Both after a time out and sometimes in the middle of building the gpt, it seems to forget what I have entered. The gpt remains in my list (so it does not go away completely), but it completely forgets itself. I’ve gone through the process of rebuilding it multiple times and I am saving at regular points, but I just can’t seem to get it to remember itself. Sometimes I get an orange error button, but not always. Any ideas on what is going on?

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Are you saying it’s not following your instructions? Do you have an example you can show us with an explanation of what you’re trying to do?

Hi Paul - three or four times, I have told the gpt that I want it to follow a process of steps and will feed each step into it, little by little. Occasionally I will ask it to recount the steps so far, and it will do it. I am saving as I go. But then something will happen… sometimes I run out of processing time and have to come back later, other times I will see the orange error message after a few steps. After one of these things happens, the gpt modifies its behavior and does not remember the steps from before one of these things happens. I will check by again asking it to summarize the steps in the gpt so far. At this point, it does not recall any of the steps and makes up new steps. The steps are pretty basic… start by introducing yourself (the gpt) and explain the purpose of the gpt, next explain to the user how the gpt will function, next ask the user their name, use that name throughout the interaction with the user, etc. etc. I have a series of questions that I want the gpt to ask the user and then based on those answers, I want to gpt to perform a simple function. It seems to remember these steps and can recount them to me, until either I get the error or run out of processing time. The gpt also forgets the image associated with the gpt and shows a broken image icon. I have not figure out how to recall what I have entered, even though I save the gpt. Any ideas?

Are you using the ‘create’ or ‘configure’ tab in the custom GPT creation interface? Note that if you are using ‘create’, all the prompts you type into it is used to generate a prompt in the ‘configure’ tab, which gets constantly rewritten as you give more prompts in the ‘create’ tab. I’ve now just taken to directly entering my prompts into the ‘configure’ tab as it’s more predictable.


Thank you! I think that was the issue. I was only using the create tab. It kept asking if I wanted to make any updates and when I answered in that area, it must have been overwriting everything I did before. I’m not quite sure how one tab should be used over the other though. I think I will follow your lead and only use configure from now on. Many thanks!

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To touch more on what @gmkung said, the create section is a good place to just initially brain dump your idea. No matter how much info you give it, it will only generate a few sentences, so I find trying to add more using that method to have diminishing returns.

If I use the create method, I will typically switch right over to the configure tab and edit from there only.

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Hey guys, are you saying you all go to “My GPTs” and then edit an existing GPT that you created under the “Configure” button rather than selecting the one you made from the left menu? I am having issues with ANY GPT remembering context. It will forget and reset after one or two questions almost every time. If I don’t get the right answer the first time, it won’t give it to me. How did you guys get past that?