All my conversations with chatGPT is gone

Try to clear your browser cache or login in private mode and you will find your chats!

They could have gave us a heads up! I had so many working documents in there This is f****** ridiculous.

Had the same. I logged out, and shut Chat down. Open it back up, logged in and they all came back.
I hope it works for you.

I found two solutions. Both worked for me.

  1. Logout and log in. All history reappeared.
  2. In browser history find out link looks like the one in attach. Those contain one exact previous conversation.
    2023-03-10 21_56_15-Window
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THANK YOU!!! They are all nicely sitting in journeys.

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thanks for the tip, your solution works great!

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Also, I wanted to add that for a few days my chat items did not appear. Yesterday I asked ChatGPT what to do. It gave a few options including logging out to clear my cashe. I did so for the 7 days option and logged back in and the chat history was restored.

It’s gone again. This time - it looks like it might be perma-gone!