AI tarot card readings at a psychic fair

I used chatgpt4 to do tarot card readings at a psychic fair.

Very interesting responses.

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Oh my Gawd!! :star_struck: Yes yes yes yes yes
You are my new best friend
Hi bestie

I love tarot
I do astrology myself but I’ve partnered with tarot readers many times before for team readings

I would like to teach the A.I. the cyclical dynamics of human basic psychology to further chart and map the psyche beyond the current two-dimensional scale, which is useful, but difficult to weigh out values when many layers are involved in a chart’s weaving.

I believe that even as a tool for generalized hypothesis, it could be very good to help others out who might not know the dynamics of their emotions. Especially in things like traumas.


I included astrology information in several forms.
We even experimented with getting astrology information.

I paired it with an AI tarot card book and deck I made using dalle

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Do you think you might be interested in a chat with me and my friend Holly sometime?

She recently shared with me her hopes of making her own tarot deck and I’m not bad at graphics design myself, but we don’t know where to start or what the best way to go about it may be

We would appreciate any pointers in the right directions you might be able to offer

Plus it would be nice to get to know you and connect!

I just had Holly as special guest on my podcast, she’s so much fun and a great tarot reader as well

We’d definitely appreciate any consultation you could provide us :slightly_smiling_face:

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Absolutely. I’m available tomorrow afternoon with my daughter. She is really gifted.

I’m looking to collaborate. Very nice to meet you.

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It’s very nice to meet you too :blush:

I literally just made my profile here and am getting used to it
let me figure out how to message to your private inbox here so I can send you my phone number

That’s amazing!! Hope it is okay for me to jump on the thread. Would love to know the reaction and feedback that you might have gotten at the fair

Would also love to learn more about your process too! (If it’s not too much to ask ofc)

I recently made a demo that also retrieve a single card reading from the gpt, but then uses that information to generate a card image.

Would love you all’s thought on it if you would like to check it out!

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Feedback was good. I did various card layouts from 10 for a Celtic Cross, to 5,6,7,8. I also used astrology information to get more specific feedback for each reading.

This my stone