AI-Powered Story Visualization Project: We Need Your Ideas!

Hello dear developer friends!

Today, I am excited to share with you a project that I have been working on, and I need your valuable insights for this project. Currently, I have an artificial intelligence model that generates stories automatically with the support of da-vinci. The next phase of this project aims to visualize these stories and present them in video format. By doing so, I intend to make the experience of our users more interactive and enjoyable.

At this stage of the project, I want to develop an AI model that can analyze the story outputs I receive from the da-vinci model and create suitable visuals, based on your suggestions. This model should be capable of examining the story text, recognizing key words and objects, and automatically generating appropriate visuals accordingly.

Furthermore, I plan to synchronize and merge the outputs of the da-vinci model and the visual generation model using moviepy support. In this way, I aim to provide our users with an enjoyable viewing experience by ensuring a smooth and harmonious transition between our stories and visuals.

Your experiences, suggestions, and critiques on this matter will be invaluable for the success of my project. Please share your thoughts and ideas with me, and let’s work together to make this project even more successful and impressive.

Wishing everyone healthy and happy days. Thank you in advance for your contributions.


Let me know what exactly do you need for this project, or what kind of task you need help with.
If storyline, character design or sound/music/image generating or editing, I will be happy to share some of my similar sketches and drafts, which are evolving very slowly because of my lack of GPU and computing power and cloud-based tools. If you need links to demo projects online, also let hit me up, I’ll send you all you need asap. Best regards.


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Hello Szymon,
Currently, in the project I am working on, I am converting stories created with da-vinci into video outputs with plain text on a black background using moviepy. My next goal is to visualize the descriptions within the story using DALL-E and, as a more challenging part, synchronize and render the da-vinci outputs with DALL-E or another visual AI model using moviepy. However, at this stage, I feel a lack of technical knowledge.

I have tried to learn as much information as I could from YouTube, and I am already grateful for your support. Furthermore, I plan to enrich the project with Google Speech in the later stages. I am not currently at my computer, but if it’s convenient in 8 hours, I can share the project code with you, and together with the volunteers here, we can perfect the project. One important point I would like you to remember is that I do not have any profit motive in this project.