AI Detective for your Cloud Investigations

Hi Folks,
Just wanted to share a product we’re developing at Shinobi Security. It’s an AI detective which makes cloud investigations easy. You can try out a fully loaded sandbox here: , that’s connected to a real AWS account.

Shinobi can help you understand how your cloud accounts are setup, what your infrastructure costs are and security exposures by just talking to it. There’s plenty of features to assist engineers with planning and maintenance tasks, for example, visualizations. But our highlight feature is a chatbot. It can answer questions like: “which machines with GPUs are internet facing?“, “How much are GPU instances costing me this month?” or even event based questions like “Who launched the GPU instance i-hsjdh34sd yesterday?”.

Currently, queries for most AWS services are supported with Azure support coming soon. We use GPT4 and fine-tuned models under the hood. And these are some cool things we’ve worked on:

  • Reducing hallucinations. Giving users the wrong information in critical environments will almost certainly lead to wrong decisions
  • Users tend to frame questions differently, so we’ve ensured our system’s interpretation of the user’s question aligns with their intention or it seeks clarification if there’s ambiguity.
  • Safe generation and execution of code
  • Preventing Prompt Injection
  • Using an ensemble and agent-planning to boost accuracy

Happy to share more details in this thread (or in a blog post) if folks are interested.We’ve also setup an easter egg hunt if you want to explore the full scope of our product - Shinobi Quest 1

Cheerio !!


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