AI Consultant - Real world replacement of technical consultancy

Hello AI-ers!

I am developing an AI Consultant to replace frontline immediate non-life-critical technical consultancy. I am technically trained and minded, but my core expertise is in hardware development and manufacturing, as well as sales and marketing. On the AI side, I am looking for associates to join this project. There is an opportunity to gain equity in the project if you are interested. Hardware is making good progress with a partner in China and firmware is developing well with near perfect two-way voice responses.

There is a level of non-disclosure, hence no images and relative vagueness, my apologies in advance.

Have a great day…


Interested in the same thing
The idea I’m interested in working on will be able to skim through data and verbally describe the affects to a non mathematical person. Planning on using it for deviations of local and and national real estate ownership levels in canada. Similar to what kevin erdmann


Yes, that will be an essential component of the AI consultant. Have you made much progress?

As a student of Health Information Management, I’ve been consulting with Open AI on things like privacy ethics, leadership and change management (LEAN, Gap Analysis, Value Stream mapping, outlines/slides) for nearly a year.

I haven’t found it reliable in legal contexts, health informatics, recent provincial health policy (structure and funding methods) or complex role assignments (RACI Matrix).

Then again, I often supplement my prompts with excess background/scenario information.