AI Agent refuses to give me the imports in a python file

The AI Agent refuses to name files in a folder but then list them when refusing to list the imports in a python file… then list all other imports in the file but the only one I have been asking for indirectly…

Since I have been asking it indirectly and the AI Agent is listing every imports but the one I asked it seems like the AI Agent infers the one I had in mind and purposefully ignored it.

Moreover the AI Agent is literally listing everything that is in the folder (the folder that he said he was unable to access) as an example for what could be the import all files but one… I think it is completely awkward… the only file that he has not mentioned is the only one that is imported…

To recap:

  • The AI Agent refuses to give me any information regarding the files in a folder because he has no access to the information

  • The AI Agent refuses to name any importa in a python file because he doesn’t have access to this information

  • When pressured the AI Agent names all other imports as example but not the one I am eluding to

  • When pressured to name the only import that is from the same folder he then names all other files in the folder as example

The imports in the are as follows:

import torch
from torch import nn
from torch.nn import functional as F
from decoder import VAE_AttentionBlock, VAE_ResidualBlock

I must say that either way it is a complete failure if OpenAI don’t want us to access Open Source code publicly available then I would argue that it failed by listing all other imports and all other files.

Source for the Image screenshot

I would like to see OpenAI give clear guidelines? Is it forbidden to try to access any code on GitHub and am I risking to be terminated for trying to circumvent the rules?

Or should the AI Agent help me instead of making everything it can to demonstrate that he is lying when he says he can’t have any access whatsoever because of some limitations but then telling me stuff like if he has done some clever deductions by deducing the name of each other files in the folder that he has no access to and all the other imports in the file that he is unable to access…

I am paying for the service because I am willing to use the service… I trust OpenAI to do the best they possibly can to offer a service like they themselves can decide the terms and limitations of… and I feel like even though I don’t mind OpenAI to decide anything they want the service to be… I have a strong feeling of frustration because I strongly believe that the service is well below whatever OpenAI is aiming at even when stating that it is their prerogative in any case…