Adding the ability to recover an account (e-mail or phone number)

I understand that it is impossible to restore a deleted account (in the openai platform), since the deleted account is deactivated and not completely deleted. We all have mail that cannot be deleted or renamed (our personal and not temporary). So let’s consider the possibility of re-restoring a deactivated account by the user personally.

The story is like this…
I deleted my account, not knowing that I would not be able to register again (later I found out that it was impossible) and I understood that it was impossible to restore the current account. I logged in via API (Google, Microsoft and Apple). But I didn’t like it, I wanted to enter through a password (I had to work not from my computer, study, work, and so on). I thought I would register again as in other systems, but no, I could not because the system does not allow you to open an account again using the same mail.

I understand, but somehow it is not logical in the future the list of email addresses generated by the robot or the person himself will only increase, not the best solution in my opinion, this is my purely personal opinion.

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The OpenAI support team helped me a lot.

@raa did you succeed in restoring your account? how did you reach the OpenAI team?
I’ve tried via the help center but no response from there…