Add Search Bar to Browser Version of ChatGPT


I’ve been using ChatGPT a lot and I noticed something missing in the browser version – a search bar. It’s in the Android app, but not when I use ChatGPT on my computer through a web browser. This makes it hard to find old chats.

Why This Matters:

  1. Finding Old Chats: Sometimes I need to look back at what I or ChatGPT said before. Without a search bar, this can take a long time.
  2. Same Features on All Devices: If the app on my phone has a search bar, it would be great to have the same thing when I use ChatGPT on my computer.
  3. Easier and Faster: A search bar would make using ChatGPT much faster and easier, especially when I’m looking for specific things we talked about.

What I Suggest:

  • Put a search bar in the ChatGPT browser version.
  • Let us search with keywords to find old chats quickly.
  • Maybe add a way to filter searches by date or topic.

Final Thoughts:

Adding a search bar to the browser version of ChatGPT would help a lot. It’s something simple that can make using ChatGPT much better, especially for people who use it a lot like me.


Agreed. This could also prevent the need to prompt the same thing twice, which would lead to more efficiency. As an addition to the above I would also suggest a function to save conversations so users would have a better way of organizing the information that is contained in the specific conversations. Thanks alot for all the hard work!


I agree as well. Please add this feature, ChatGPT! It makes no sense to have features on the mobile version that aren’t in the desktop version, and being able to search through past conversations is super useful!


Agreed as well. Here’s my take on the request.

Here’s a concise version of the feature request for adding a search bar to the ChatGPT web version:

Feature Request: Search Bar in ChatGPT Web Version

I propose adding a search box at the top of the chat history bar in the web version of ChatGPT, similar to the existing feature in the iOS app. This search box would greatly enhance user experience by:

  • Allowing efficient and quick searching of past chats using keywords.
  • Saving time currently spent scrolling through extensive chat histories.
  • Providing a consistent and unified experience across different platforms (iOS and web).
  • Enhancing the overall usability of the ChatGPT web version, especially for users who frequently need to refer back to older discussions.

This feature would significantly improve efficiency in referencing previous chats, making it easier and faster to find specific conversations. This aligns with the modern need for quick information retrieval and would be a substantial improvement for regular users of ChatGPT.


yeah honestly, this should have been one of the FIRST features available given this timeline style approach to chats. Why would you have it on mobile but not desktop?

Core features first, priorities guys.


Yes please. Filtering by used Custom GPT would be also improve the UI by a mile.

Not sure what is preventing them from implementing this - please add this feature to desktop!

This exists within the iOS app. It should be easy enough on the browser. We had to buy a plugin to meet this need but its best if OpenAI does this.

Yes a much needed feature. I have been struggling to find my stuff on the web and always have to go to my iphone or galaxy, search and then put a “.” as a response and then have to read this little thing:

If there’s anything more you need assistance with or any further questions you have, feel free to let me know!

and then come back to my desktop to continue my work.

Sigh - Is this an oversight or something else going on?

Please add search bar to web version. this has been pending for quite a while, with so many users facing difficulties. I have been using ChatGPT to prepare for exams, now how will I revise in the last moment without a search bar.

Ugh, I didn’t know this was available in the mobile app so my “workaround” has been: scroll to the bottom of chat history, wait for progressive loading thing, scroll to the bottom of chat history, repeat a few times, CMD + F for what I think the title of the chat may have been, repeat until I either 1) find something related, 2) get annoyed and give up - start a new chat instead.

I guess I’ll download the app on my phone and do the same thing as @jeejo

Please add this! My chat history is the main thing keeping me from switching to Claude or Gemini. But not being able to easily search it makes it kinda useless tbh

Please add a search bar!! It would be extremely useful