Add Search Bar to Browser Version of ChatGPT

I recently found this Chrome extension that seems to work well.

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I got used to searching conversations on the iOS app while travelling and was shocked that it’s still missing from the web app.

Seems a bit of an oversight to me.

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Feature no 1 for me. top priority.


Extremely important and urgently required. Please ensure the search bar is added.

Come on, OpenAI. The search field is desperately needed. I hear coworkers and friends mention this a LOT.

Please, please, please implement search on the web-based version. The more one uses ChatGPT the harder it is to find things, given that it’s all just one big timeline.

how is this not here yet?

lets get this going!

Whats the holdup :frowning:
Please add the feature. we desperately need it

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Please give us this feature. It would be very helpful and lots of people are asking for it.

Seems like a 3rd party extension would be a security risk. The extension reads all your content for indexing. Since we use a Team license our chat content isn’t used for training, so I am particularly weary.

Search is also available in the desktop app, for what it’s worth.