Add GPTs for Playground (API) customers

Could we please get some consideration for the API customers to also allow us to take advantage of the talent of those who publish GPTs in the store.

I would happily pay a (reduced) fee to have these GPTs added into the Playground interface, rather than sign-up for Plus even though we use the API for all our ChatGPT tasks.

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That would leave ChatGPT Plus with less of a reason to get it. I think the Custom GPT store is going to result in a lot of new ChatGPT Plus customers.

You can replicate most/all Custom GPTs on your own site with Assistants API and a bit of work…

Yes and no, not everybody can code and build, so we use the ChatGPT API with a client (MindMac) to communicate with ChatGPT.

Alternatively, we could stop using the API and switch to GPT Plus. However, this poses two problems: first, it is more expensive, and second, it is less versatile than the API.

Assuming that everyone has access to $20 USD per month for Plus is not realistic. Many underdeveloped countries depend on the API as a cost-effective way to use ChatGPT.

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ChatGPT is only the web chatbot. API models are not called ChatGPT.

API is for development of your own applications that can be used in your software or site.

Your request is equivalent to: “let me steal the special programming and API services that other developers have created, pay for, and published for monetization within ChatGPT plus - and use their products in my own site.”