Ada deprecated by the end of the year?

OpenAI announced Ada will be deprecated by early 2024.

Yet, OpenAI still recommends Ada as the embeddings engine to use in its documentation.

So how can an application that took quite some time to be developed be updated? Especially since the documentation and OpenAI’s notebook examples still use Ada for embeddings promoted relatively recently as very efficient for embeddings.

Support takes sometimes months to reply.

Maybe somebody here in the forum has information.

Bottom line: I commend fast- moving innovation. But platforms with sufficient budgets should at least update their documentation and code examples.

Thanks in advance for any information.

Base GPT models

Shutdown date Model Price Recommended replacement
2024-01-04 ada $0.0004 / 1K tokens babbage-002

You can find some more info here… on models, including deprecated models…

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The completion models will be shut down. Not the embeddings model.

They share a similar name because of the alphabetic scheme for naming models by the number of parameters, their size.


Thank you for providing this information!