Openai embedding models access

Hello everyone, I have been attempting to use different models for embeddings with the OpenAI API. However, I encountered an ‘access denied’ error for some of them. Could this issue be related to my subscription plan? Am I not entitled to access all the models even though I have a paid subscription?

You can have fun with the long list of gpt-3 embeddings (and half of them are duplicate names of other models), but they will all be going away January 4, leaving only text-embedding-ada-002, so the experimenting is not even worth it…

Thank you for your answer, but why are they all going away?

All GPT-3 models are deprecated, with ultimate shutoff date announced earlier this year.

GPT-3 embeddings are very costly also, using large models. $0.20 per 1000 tokens for davinci, compared to $0.0001 for ada-002.

While the sheer number of old models is likely a burden, there are other likely motivations for turning them off…