Account hacked and all my 2024 conversations disappeared

this sucks. all my conversations for 2024. disappeared. they are gone. replaced with a bunch of hacked conversations from someone else. there seems to be no way to actually contact open ai for any reason, they have themselves walled off from the users so no one can reach them.

I have already changed my password, it had no effect. Now I guess the hacker has started deleting my conversations. I had some really good ones too. All gone.

We can’t help with your account here.

You’ll need to reach out to and let them know what happened.

I did, there’s no way to contact them. It’s just one of those chatbot type interfaces designed to get rid of you. There’s literally no way to contact anyone.

If you go through the chat bot, there will likely be a point you can leave feedback or contact someone.

Nope. I tried. I tried and tried. It’s completely walled off with no way to contact anyone.

Do you have screenshots? Not saying you’re lying, and I know it’s difficult, but for something like leaking your password, you’ll want to let them know. Others have reached out to them before, including myself, so I know it’s possible.

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This forum will only let me post one photo. So I can’t show you the whole interaction, but there is literally no way to report that my account was hacked except this, no doubt going to be ignored for all eternity, “provide feedback” button.

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oh gosh, I’m so sorry for the ‘inconvenience’ to you. my account was hacked and no one at openai GAF.

They care. I’m trying to see if I can learn more about what to do (signing out of all sessions…)

OpenAI does care, though…

Sorry you’re having problems!


Ok, I want to believe you. I really had some great deep conversations and code built up that I would like to return to, but they have vanished.

Instead, my account is full of these weird automated questions that did not come from me. They all start the same way with “Please summarize blah blah”

I log in through google authenticator, I have already tried changing my password there, it had no effect. My google account is not compromised, but OpenAI is!!

  1. Contact OpenAI Support : According to the OpenAI Help Article (, there are two ways to contact the support team. If you have an account, you can log in and use the “Help” button to start a conversation. If you can’t log in, you can still reach the support team by selecting the chat bubble icon in the bottom right of

Can you try to see if you can reach the “HELP” button within ChatGPT Plus?

Also, I am insulted by the insinuation that I am using weak passwords. That is far from it. My google account is secure. It is not my fault. OpenAI has a problem they are ignoring.

Yes, and I would gladly show you every screenshot that leads to a dead end. Basically it just tells me to go read the faq and have a nice day. All paths through the help chat bot are dead ends that go nowhere useful.

This is the link you shared with me. It just tells you to go use the dead-end chatbot. IOW go away pesky user!

  1. Do you use any extensions / addons
  2. Have you logged out of all devices

I’m not saying that you are wrong, I’m asking these things to help narrow what’s going on here.

Did they actually rename everything to “hacked”…? Seems excessive…


Thanks for the extra info. I’m not sure why they don’t have a log out of all sessions feature, but I’m asking.

Again, I don’t think they believe you’re a pesky user or they want you to go away. It’s the fact they have close to a billion customers and around 700 employees now. That’s not to excuse them, but it’s gotta be hard to catch up.

ChatGPT was the fastest growing app of all time… they’re still playing catch-up. The other way to do it would’ve been to just give access to large corporations and those with deep pockets, but OpenAI is likely losing money by giving this awesome power to consumers for $20/month.

That said, there’s always room for improvement!

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Good catch! I know Google accounts are a bit different than using email to sign-up. The Google Account should log you out of all sessions, though…

Thank you for trying to help me. I only use chatgpt through firefox on my laptop. No other devices.

I renamed the bogus conversations to ‘hacked’ so that it was easy to find them. Otherwise they had titles that looked like scientific paper titles

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Did you try to sign out of all sessions via Google then log back in? That should take care of them… then change your password again to be sure…

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