Access to GPT-4 and some questions about it


I have some questions and I hope that you can help me out:

  1. Is there any roadmap or timetable when all people have access to gpt-4 api?
  2. Have people who have already access to the gpt-4 api also access to the 32k model or is that also another group of person? If so, is there a road map / time table for rolling out that feature?
  3. What is your experience - does 32k work or are there problems in comparison to 8k?
  4. As alternativ: is it known if or when gpt-plus User get access to the gpt-4 32k web application?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

GPT-4 API access is being rolled out to developers as capacity becomes available, there is no longer a need to apply for a waitlist since the end of July so this will be automatic, but it depends on available compute and system load, so there is no set time scale, hopefully it is soon for all developers.