Acces denied to chat gpt why ? is it temporary?

hello why i have this error when i try to connect to chat gpt ?
is it temporary ?

Are you in a country that is not supported by OpenAI?

i am in france
can i talk to the support via chat in direct message to get help ?

Yes, you can. When they answer you depends on their availability.

BTW are you using a vpn?

yes i use a filter for bad website but i always have this in the past and chat gpt was work
can you give me the link to talk to the support online please



However, if you are using a VPN, it is likely that Cloudflare will block you (eventually).


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how can i know if i use vpn ? i never download vpn on my computer but its maybe integrate in the pc originally

the support doesnt work to talk on direct with a person , its a bot and redirect things

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I think you can visit one of those web sites like “what is my ip?” (google for them) and you can check the IP address to see if it matches the IP address and the geolocation you think you should be using:




You @jordanlayani can also try services like this one:

Note: It’s better to know your own IP address information and to get familiar with your networking setup.

i use playground insteed of chat gpt
its the same right ?

The server IP address is not relevant to your client IP address.


how do you know that ? you dont use my pc its an affirmation ?
playground it same than chat gpt ?

Because that is how client-server works. There are two “main” IP addresses, one is the client address (your PC ) the other is the server (the OpenAI API, the playground etc). The client IP address changes if there is a proxy or VPN, etc in the route.

VPNs and other proxies do not change the server address (with regard to your question), they only change the client address, so it does not matter what the server IP address is.

I know that because I have over 35 years experience in IP networking since the formation of the global commercial Internet and nearly four decades of IP networking experience.

Of course, I have no idea about your PC setup. I’m trying to help you, not argue with you. You asked about VPNs and you said you have no idea if you are using a VPN or not, @jordanlayani

You are the person asking the questions. I am helping you based on the information you provide.

FWIW, I know how to use VPNs and I know the status of a VPN running on any of my workstations.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 7.33.48 PM



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ok i test your link and it say to me false location of where i am right now so it mean that i use VPN
i use netspark to have a filter on my computer, it is maybe this sofwtare that make VPN on my computer
but it doesnt matter for chat gpt because playground is the same right ?
what is the difference

Hi @jordanlayani

I wish you the best of luck and am sure someone here can explain better than me.

Wishing you the best.


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im sorry yesterday i do a mistake to ask you the question about playground i had the answer on google, so can you give me a link to talk online to a support on direct , your link was a bot last time

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do you think its better to use playground , chat gpt or a software of artificial intelligence to do it ?

It should not matter if we use a VPN or not, as long as we connect from places where ChatGPT is available. I can access bard, and other AI just fine. But can’t access Chat gpt using surfshark/proton vpn , connecting to Japan