Academic Integrity Concerns

Greetings OpenAI team,

As a graduate student and parent of elementary students, I’d like to share some feedback regarding academic integrity.

I became aware of an instance at my college in which a student used ChatGPT to write a paper. The student’s professor became suspicious based on fictitious references that ChatGPT generated for the paper. This student will face consequences that may effect their ability to pursue the degree that they desired.

My recommendation, if this isn’t already in place, is that if a user asks ChatGPT to write an academic report, that the AI would respond with a notice about academic integrity, and encouragement to pursue peer-reviewed research. Perhaps the AI could even provide advice for writing an academic paper, and point the user to websites where scholarly articles can be found.

Thank you for considering!

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I’d rather want the “academic” to allow thoose texts. It’s not needed to recognize stuff in the future. Academic has to change if not stop existing.

Will be better to add to your cursus smart way of using it … Understand poor or basic answers … Teach them how to gain times while being constructive …

It is absolutely insane to punish a student because he used a tool that will be part of his everyday professional life tomorrow.

As a teacher you should dig into the subject… And come back with a dedicated course about it.

And consequences should be an huge rewards… Not the contrary … And then go back to paper and criticized … Improve what ChatGpt did …

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I understand your concerns here, maintaining academic integrity is extremely important.

For years we’ve graded students on their ability to write long form essay’s, maybe it’s time to stop doing that and focus on the thought and work behind it.

It’s important that the education system remains authentic, if we only teach students to use outdated methods and tools, we’re not providing genuine education that align with modern workflows.

chatGPT is a tool, we as humans are responsible for how we use it.

The way the student in question used chatGPT does not align well with “academic integrity”

Plagiarism is punished hard in the education system, I’m hoping the student won’t be punished too harshly.