About GPTs and API "pay as you go" users

Hi everyone, as many of you, i’ve read this announcement:

Enterprises can get started with GPTs on Wednesday. You can now empower users inside your company to design internal-only GPTs without code and securely publish them to your workspace. The admin console lets you choose how GPTs are shared and whether external GPTs may be used inside your business. Like all usage on ChatGPT Enterprise, we do not use your conversations with GPTs to improve our models.

So, if i’ve understood right, it’s possible to build our own model based on our company specific data. Is it right?
If yes, here come the question: we have built an application that, via openai API, performs request against our context using GPT-3.5 o GTP-4. It will be possible to use our custom model instead of GPT-3.5 and 4 without passing the context in prompt?
If yes, we need to subscribe also an Enterprise account in addition to the pay as you go ?

Thank’s in advance

You can create you own model base on the OpenAI’s model, If you have your own model then you can pass it as api to GPTs or plugins then will be accessible to ChatGPT.


Hi Gianluca

Did you manage to access your own build GPT via the openAI API?

No i still waiting the help support answsers some question, 'couse i didn’t understand if the enterprise license is mandatory to build GPTs and then use them only via API.

Yes I am wondering the same but I thought thats the whole idea to be able to build your own GPT. Without making it accessible via an API it useless for most of the usecases :slight_smile:


I’m quite sure that it will be possible accessing via API , but i want they will confirm that :slight_smile: What i was wondering is if we need a mandatory Enterprise license even if we’ll use it only for GTPs creation.