A working Multi-Agent system! What's the UX of the future?

Hello everyone!

I would like to share our progress at Aware in building a robust and useful multi-agent system.

We are a small two-team startup that has been working on this system for over a year, improving it through many iterations.

This is a call to get some feedback from the community on our vision and multi-agent systems in general.

The current UI is just a temporary chat interface, and this is what needs to change :smiley:

We have some videos in out YouTube channel, so feel free to take a look β€œAware Multi-Agent System!”

How do you think humans will be able to process and control the large number of tasks they will delegate to AI assistants?
Where is the limit?
Do we need AI to also process this large amount of data and present it to the users?
Will humans become parallel task executors?

Please share your thoughts or drop some questions without answers too!


Welcome to the OpenAI dev forum!

Thanks for posting this in Community and adding a project tag.

We just ask that you keep updates to this single thread, so that we can more easily stay updated on your project rather than having a dozen different threads.

What was the hardest part about building?

Any tips for devs?

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