A proposed Landscape AI application for Codex

Please review the video, in the lower right of the screen you see the network traffic into the game.

When the Anime girl + the forest appear, you notice a huge burst of packet transfers into the game. That is because “neither the girl nor the scenery were originally compiled into the game binary”.

Equipped with such cloud interfaces we like to investigate if Codex is able to generate a new middle-ware language for specifying the landscape and the characters and weapons and etc.

  1. The player sample input languge:

“setup anime RPG with female martial artist and katana as weapon;
setup 3 cloned enemies female, different outfits and weapons;
set the landscape to low polygon sparse forrest;
set some meadows and short grass with mild wind;”

  1. Codex generated code need not to learn how to generate the forrest or anything else in the game, the generated code needs to address existing tokens of Semantical type.

  2. I need to know where to start to investigate what are the possibilities for Code generating useful interim code be it a JSON structure or whatever the experts might suggest.


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