Train Codex on new markup language for automated video content creation?

Hello people of the planet Earth!
I got actually two question. Second is little more complicated.

  1. I wonder can Codex create java script application from following description “Split web page on four equal rectangles. Put youtube videos on every rectangle. Create url input boxes for every video”
  2. I working on software development for semi-automatic video content creation.
    Is it possible to teach Codex new type of language specially constructed for the purpose of automated video content creation? First i need to create many examples of such description and then train the system on that examples? What i learn from video about Codex is that it uses python profiler features and documentation inside code itself. So maybe i can use Codex somehow without additional training? This is link to the doc describing both the software stack and language
    VideoProjects/Formal_language_vccl_Protocol_002.MD at master · Kvazikot/VideoProjects · GitHub