A "Forum or Community" button on the landing page

Hey :purple_heart: team,

I know that looks like odd to put this here but I am open a survey to see if it makes sense. I always lookfor this forum in openai.com landing page but I never find. Is it intentional?


Do you want a link for this community page in openai landing page?
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Hey, this forum is more for developers so it shows up when you go to platform.openai.com. I don’t think it would make since to put it on the landing page because more people are going to think that is a forum for ChatGPT users, etc when its main purpose is for developers.


Yes, one key factor making this forum great is that we can focus on a specific audience.
I would be lying if at first glance I wouldn’t feel a little sting that other OpenAI communities get the extra attention but if I am honest then I would not want to have it any other way.

Developers can mingle among each other and the whole feel of this community would be very different if every one of the 100 Million monthly users would receive a call to action to visit us here

Still, we have other users with different requests and backgrounds here as well, but we can manage because of such little details as the seemingly missing link.