A false page pretending to be sora (scam!)

Yesterday I was seaching for news about Sora (it was too many time since last time I used Open AI) and I enter a page I believed to be the oficial page, wich included a link to for download Sora, I downloaded such, but it was to late when I realized that such page is false, by first the link name, wich is this: www.aisorastudio…

When you enter, is absolutely the same as the sora and openAI web oficial page. Second, when executing the .exe file, this doesn´t ever open any window, and today I found a mail in wich someone tryed to modify my facebook password… Now, im looking how to solve this bullsh1t… So please help me to report all this, they are also in facebook sharing such link.


This is definitely a scam, Sora is currently still in the research phase and not available on any website.

That .exe file you executed are likely to contain something bad, you should delete it, run virus scans, or even restore your system to an earlier state of necessary.

It also seems like your account details where leaked, so you should probably start changing all you passwords as well.


Unfortunately, I also fell for this scam. However, within seconds after double-clicking on the .exe file, I disconnected my internet, deleted the exe file, and ran a malware check using Avast and the Windows Malware Remover tool. When I checked the “Add or Remove Programs” in the control panel, I noticed a clone of the 7zip app installed today. I removed it as well. After reading this community post, I searched the fake website’s address using double inverted commas " " and came across a LinkedIn post with the same link. The person who posted it is a software engineer with deep knowledge in web development. His LinkedIn post has an edit history, which means it was posted by a person, not a bot. His recent LinkedIn activity shows he is sharing a lot of Israel-Palestine conflict-related news. I urge the SORA team to look at this matter seriously.

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Perhaps you can report it to LinkedIn so they remove it if you have not already done so?

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I don’t understand why you would trust a website other than the official website

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Thankfully my Acronis antivirus was working. Every time I hit the setup, the .exe file just disappeared. This is as recent as 26th March 2024.

The social engineering on the page is quite good, as I dont even know where i hit the link to get on the page.



I am actually scared about this.
I did the download (yes, I was also stupid…) BUT I never opened the exe file, However, my “download progress bar” shows it every time i open firefox. I remove it, but every time I open firefox I see that message, which is, btw, translating: “this file normally is not transfered”.
I think the file is not on my computer (deleted, antivirus used, malware used, cache, cookies and history deleted) but how can I get rid of this!? Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance.
PS - there’s an ad running on facebook from that SORA fake page. I commented on that post (later) something nice like “fcking scammers, sora is not out” and I was blocked by them. It’s amazing how can anyone create a fake SORA page and run ads on facebook… pffff…


Because the website literally looked the same. Same web address, colors, font etc. With some inattentional blindness it would be too easy to notice subtle differences. :frowning:

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This! This is the fake page running ads on facebook.

It looks like scammers are changing their website too. For the very first time I came across a Facebook page ad that mentioned website: www(dot)aisorastudio(dot)com and now they have changed it to: www(dot)openai-sora(dot)org.

The home page and everything is a copy of original OpenAI page.


Thank you for reporting this!


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I got fooled by a Chat 4.5 fake and it was hosted by openai.com. So, even if it is on the official website, isn’t good enough if you are including openAI.com.
Though I don’t suppose any other website in the history of the web would do that.

i ran the exe and it appeared like nothing happened
then i searched the web and found this thread…
i ran a scan with windows defender but nothing came up
windows defender has no history of blocking anything, my facebook account got suspended very quickly afterward for “suspicious activity”

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I was stupid enough to execute exe file and I instantly knew something was not correct, I tried to disconnect my wifi but my pc started to freeze and I decided to restore my pc back to early stage, I lost very important files and my Facebook account was hacked. I cancelled all my bank accounts and paid Norton pro version and Nordpass to change all my passwords including 2FA. seems that thanks god I just lost my Facebook account and now I have to recover all i lost in my disk, I hope no one else get scammed with this :frowning:

The other day I found another scam domain in Google www.openaisora.video

The problem is that such kind of scammers can try to fool people and ask money for the fake early access…
Or force people to install malicious software like the guy in previous post. Sorry for you, man!

So I ran the script in a sandbox. It looks like it runs a powershell script to take screenshots of everything you have open. Beyond that I am not sure what else its doing, probably some kind of keylogger too?

There is a facebook page with the name open-sora (org). the website page is pretty fancy using OpenAI logos and all. It asks you to download a software.

Is this the fake SORA? I downloaded it from a site that looked official and never ran it. I did search online because I felt it was too good to be true.

App Gen4pt Build x86-64_signed

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You bet, anything you “download” is for sure a backdoor RAT and credential stealer.

There is no real SORA for you either.

OpenAI should also ban anything “Sora” spam in the GPT store.

I am very thankful to my instinct which guided me to enquire about about the authenticity of the software before downloading it. I have already followed the link from a sponsored Facebook advert which directed me to this site: open(dash)sora(dot)org.

I was suspicious when it prompted me to download the software in a zip folder and this made me to quickly do a background check on google which landed me on this page.

Thank you for the information above, please do let us know when the software is released and how we can get it.

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