A Discord bot that does a lot of what OpenAI offers

Over the last 9 months I have built what is turning into an incredible utility - all from scratch. This is a Discord bot that not only has chat, image, and embedding capabilities, but it also gives all of the API parameter control to the user.

Please, check out the video! The bot’s name is Ether and it is in top.gg. Public, verified, and well built. It is great for testing prompts or talking to ChatGPT with custom data.

Currently it is limited in its free edition on how much a user can embed, but it is capable of embedding 1,000 page documents in roughly 30 seconds.

This bot does not have any built-in API keys, it is a toolkit. It operates on a secure Google cloud compute instance - extremely fast and secure.

Currently operating in 147 servers with great feedback, great reviews, supposedly being used by lawyers and more!

I almost forgot, currently Ether supperts 11 filetypes for embedding and supports jpg, jpeg, and png for image variations…