A book-lover's spin on the world of "copy creation"

Nimble Books AI is now available! https://nimblebooks.com:5002/

Features available now for readers, authors, and publishers!

  • Invoke the aid of the Muses as you begin your writing project. A valuable new productivity practice–it worked for Homer and Virgil, why not give it a whirl?
  • Create bibliographic keywords and MARC Subject Headings to improve the metadata for your book.
  • Upload up a Word document of up to 25K and receive page-by-page analysis by our Thoughtful AI Editor.

Coming soon:

  • More Muses!
  • More AI Editors!
  • LeoBloom.py, Nimble’s book sales analysis & royalty accounting software for Kindle Desktop Publishing and Ingram’s Lightning Source.
  • And more prompts of all kinds!

Cool, thanks for sharing, I think this could be a great resource!

New feature today: the Thoughtful Editor gives you immediate feedback on that problematic passage of prose that you’ve been grappling with! https://nimblebooks.com:5002/launcher/editors

I’m not sure if it’s an absolute requirement, but OpenAI encourages developers to require registration and sometimes credit card sign up as part of their strategy for reducing risk. An open demo would be susceptible to robot web scrapers. However, I can easily put up a demonstration video!