429 - 'Too many Requests' Error in API

Is anyone else getting this error ? I’ve gotten the 429 (Too Many Requests) for the past two days constantly, and I know I’m not making too many requests (very few actually), so this error response is clearly just wrong.

I have a paid account, that has been working fine for months until yesterday. I get this error message on both the moderations endpoint and the completions endpoint.

429 is likely accompanied by a much longer error message.

It is most frequently seen when the API account has no funding available to pay for the requested service, or a hard monthly limit set by the organization has been hit.

You can review your prepaid account balance and the limits page to see if any of these are a concern.


You might just need to feed your account more money if you are not billed monthly. Moderations is free when you can pay for other services.

Oh wow. Thank you so much!! That link is indeed indicating my account needs more funds. (-$0.07 balance)

I had been going to Usage Page thinking the numbers there showed my credit available. I’ll just add more funds.

EDIT: This solved my problem. Thanks.

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