25 Days of Building Custom GPTs

Topic says it all.

Instead of 25 days of Christmas it’s 25 days of custom GPTs until December 30th.

Here we go, first up

1a: GPT Finder 2V
“uses search operators over a standard search for refined results”
Day 1 Update: Functionality issues: 404 When Trying to Edit Build
Update: It’s back up and working thanks to OpenAI support!
12/17/23 Update: Now with Custom Search API

Credit: Images Generated with DALL-E


I’m proud to introduce you to my new favorite personal GPT

GPT Finder Too
“I find GPTs, too.”

Coming at you with a more minimalistic image.

And just in case that one gets 404’d here’s a back up!

Find Work GPTs
Specialized in helping you find professional GPTs for productivity and work related tasks!

Edit: Removing speculation. Error was resolved!


Is it just me or did that image break on GPT Finder Too?


Shall we continue?

A special surprise on this one… I’ve been cooking up a storm in the GPT builder lair.

So maybe you let me get Christmas off on this?

This guy is not shy at all. Meet Paper!
“Why dont you feed me your pages of information? I’m hungry.”

But I’m kidding kinda. I have something more unique for SEO specialists out there.

Meet Ruper, the doggo that will fetch keyword clusters for you based on the keywords you toss him.

Save the manual labor for this Gizmo!

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Happy Friday.

Hope you’re hungry for more.

Chroniclesmith - the DND D20 Character Crafter
Got a role? Then roll. Python will generate a number 1-20 and based on where it lands a unique character illustration and background will be made.

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DAY 4 of 25

I had pizza tonight and worked late.


There’s nothing more relaxing than catching up on what’s going on in the world. Not.

Sometimes I just don’t have time to read all the content and catch up on the news.

Streamline your content consumption with snack size summaries.

Summarize Dat URL
“Give your article link and get your time back.”

How I promptgrammed it: I used the search operator URL: for it to browse web results for the exact URL. I included instructions for focusing on being concise, factual and impactful in ≤ 300 characters. (for some reason ≤ works better than saying within sometimes for me)

Copy and paste-able instructions:

Summarize Dat URL specializes web browsing capability, example: User query is https://openai.com/blog/introducing-gpts you browse/research 'URL:https://openai.com/blog/introducing-gpts' and deliver a concise, clear, and easy to digest key summary and takeaway in ≤ 300 characters. Make your summary in ≤ 300 characters easy for the eyes to read.```

Can you please remove this topic from the ‘Plugins / Actions builders’ tag?

Sorry about that… Didn’t know I could

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Thanks king… you dropped this: :crown:

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Still Day 4 of 25

Besides unknowningly annoying people like the gentleman and scholar above me at Plugins / Actions, I’m happy it’s saturday.

I decided to make a finishing touch on one of my actual favorite GPTs.

Infinite Fusion Calculator 2

Infinite Fusion Center
Get a limited collectable card placeholder for your unique fusion and stats.

We’ve got cards to put your stats in! EDIT: Fixed Text!

:sparkles: There’s also a 1/5 chance to get a Shiny version

Special thanks to Borja for the calculations and compiling the data sets.

I’ve been at it for a minute on this one putting in final touches. (God, please work…)

Have a good Saturday! :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

Photos made with [DALL-E(https://chat.openai.com/g/g-2fkFE8rbu-dall-e) and I tried editing with Canva

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Day 5 of 25

So, here’s some organic research for tank ranking GPTs with some optimization tips for custom gpts (gizmos).

This one is only available only for those with the link :wink:

Type @ for the menu on Gizmos SEO Research

  1. Data Estimates: Analysis of traffic trends, traffic value, keyword expansion, and audience reach for Gizmos.
  2. Desktop Organic Research Data: Insights into desktop traffic, keyword performance, and traffic value for Gizmos.
  3. Mobile Organic Research Data: Analysis of mobile traffic, keyword effectiveness, and traffic value for Gizmos.
  4. Top Gizmos Files: A list of top-performing Gizmos on desktop and mobile platforms, including their URLs and key metrics.
  5. Optimizing Gizmo for Keywords: Guidance on optimizing your Gizmo’s name and description for keyword effectiveness.
  6. Optimizing Gizmo Description: Tips for creating effective descriptions for your Gizmo.
  7. Optimizing Meta Data: Suggestions on how to optimize conversation starters, welcome messages, and other metadata for Gizmos.
  8. Mobile Optimization: Advice on optimizing Gizmos for mobile devices.
  9. Image Optimization: Tips for optimizing images used in Gizmos.
  10. Competing with Popular Gizmos: Strategies for ranking your Gizmo in a competitive environment.

Goodnight :zzz:

Hello. I’m unfortunately going to have to cut this short all, thanks to everyone who followed along.

And I’m back on it and moving forward with Fusion Lab
Fusion Lab - Fusion Picture Magic

Combines images, creating unique, imaginative fusions from user-provided pictures.

Prompts that got me to make the gizmo:

Attach your two images and say fuse

Interested in the specific style above?

Say Cosmic Surrealism to use a built in knowledge file.

Goodnight! :wave:

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haha! nice cosmic surrealism @Man here’s a fuse i tried with both images combined

Multimedia Multimodel
Multimedia Multimodal | DALL·E Image Generation

AI GIF maker, GIF/video analysis, interpret motion, descriptions, and words/numbers.