$120 credit for API accounts

Until a while ago, when creating API accounts, a $5 payment would grant $120 in promotional credits. Now, with new accounts, when the initial $5 credit runs out, it doesn’t transition to the $120 credit, and it simply says the credit has run out. Sometimes, it gives an additional $5 credit, but this doesn’t automatically upgrade to $120 when depleted. Has the $120 promotional credit program ended?

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There used to be grants for early adopters to test out AI generation as it was a very new technology. As it has now become mainstream with people creating accounts for profit, it no longer makes sense to be offering grants with accounts.

I’ve never heard of such a thing.

New accounts would get a $18 API trial credit. Now reduced to $5.

There was no purchasing of credits beforehand, until last month with a new prepaid system for new accounts.

The figure $120 refers to a pay-as-you-go account’s default monthly usage limit.

You know wrong. Until about 2 weeks ago, a loan of 120 dollars was given free of charge. But now is there only a pay-as-you-use option? When you pay 5 dollars, do you only get 5 dollars in credit?

damn what a waste would it be if those guys removed the credit thing