Received $5 grant with new API in mid-July. Unused amount expired on Aug 1

I received a $5 grant with my new API platform account in the middle of July. I just realized the remaining balance expired on August 1.

I’m not too bothered by $5 and won’t expect the team to credit me again, I’m just curious if this was normal. Reading through posts , I don’t see this scenario. On a recent blog post they even mentioned 3 months for the grant.

Anyone else experience this or have any information? Thanks

The free credit and trial period is determined by the date that you first signed up, not the first time you first tried to use the API or first put in a payment method.

So an account created for ChatGPT in April would have had the clock ticking on the expiration period even if you didn’t notice it.

I only have the experience of one account for $5 credit which has already expired. OpenAI has apparently now discontinued trial credits for new accounts.

In my case, the initial sign-up was in mid-July when I also began using it. So it lasted about 2 weeks.

Again, not a big deal. Partially I just wanted to put this out here in case anyone was searching for a similar scenario.

As to your last point, it looks like they’re still advertising the $5 grant lasting 3 months. See below under ‘Simple and Flexible’

When I signed up, somehow they gave me $18 of API credits. I spent about 10 cents in the Playground one day early on. I didn’t even realize it was billed like the API. A couple months later, I decided to try using the API, and noticed I had $17.90 of credit set to expire in a couple of weeks! I spent about $3.50 before it all went away. They kept dropping the price of gpt-3.5, I couldn’t get through it!

Easy come, easy go.

Thanks for noting that. It was indeed removed from the pricing page for a while, and also some new signups reported here not getting the credit, but good to see it is back. Removing the credit probably caused a huge influx of support requests asking “why?”