You've reached the current usage cap for GPT-4, please try again after 2:04 PM

You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4
I just started creating few GPTs and this came up. I am a pro user and this pops up in between my GPT creation and i need to wait for an hr!


The same thing has happened to me. I didn’t even create GPTs; I just basically used it for education purposes.


You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4. You can continue with the default model now, or try again after 1:02 PM. [Learn more]

Are there any limits in the paid version? Is it just a BUG?I didn’t do anything special and this message popped up


Yep, same. I was trying to test the creation workflow and was only able to spend about 20 minutes trying to configure a GPT before I got cut off. I am also a pro user. Not option to switch to GPT-3.


same here, new subscriber for 2 days.
after general use for 1 hour.


Same problem. I’m trying to build, train, and configure a GPT but I get cut off before I can make any real progress. On a side note, does anyone know if a custom GPT will be able to be publically available to embed on a website page for public use without needing a ChatGPT account to use?


It’s the same for me…
I’m very surprised

Is it a bug ?

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I have no idea. I’m also hesitant to get too involved with creating a custom GPT because they have a tendency to pull the plug on things without any notice and I don’t want to rely on something that can be disabled in a heartbeat.


Same. Pro user. But I just went through and counted up my usage for the day and between my messages and the responses only came out to about 30. There isn’t a reason it should have given me the limit warning. I then looked further into it, and they said in one of their help links that they are “dynamically changing” limits. There needs to be something that makes it clear how much you are using and how close to reaching a limit. I do not know why I would continue to pay for this service if it’s not going to be reliable or predictable in how I am allowed to use it.


Exactly. I can’t even think about deploying this to be used by clients (which is what I want to do) if it’s going to shut off after 5 minutes for absolutely no reason.


I just had the same thing happen to me. I don’t even know whether I need this subscription or not).


Yeah. Sometimes, I wonder what I’m paying for.


It’s hard to make progress on building a GPT when the limit is hit every hour or so.


Just same experience - I’ve created assistant, short voice conversation on phone and then got “You’ve reached the current usage cap for GPT-4” :unamused:(
On the other side generic ChatGPT 4 still working without restrictions
Is it a bug there or feature? ).


I was supposed to have it working at 12 noon, but now it’s 5:00 a.m. and it’s already working. Must be a bug


I’ve been banging up against this limit for days. It’s so frustrating! Trying to incorporate GPT into my workflow (not to mention doing backflips to bypass all the bugginess of it (I know, I know, beta and all that)). It’s like having a genius personal assistant that pretends to be stupid, and takes 3 hours lunch breaks every 2 hours.

I am just about ready to give up and cancel my subscription, and I’ve been using GPT extensively for half a year now. I don’t know how anyone is able to create any GPT’s of any worth with these limits, testing is virtually impossible.


I have the same issue, I can’t use GPT-4 basically; what are we paying for?? This is ridiculous!


I have the same issue…
I’ve subscribed to these services since they launched, but it seems like I’m paying for nothing because I don’t think I’ve managed to send more than 25 messages and got the restriction…


Same here. Tried to do one custom GPT, and get this. And there clearly seems to be a plan to introduce a higher tier, more expensive plan. Very frustrating. I can live without custom GPTs but I didn’t even get to finish one before hitting the cap. So the new features they introduced, I didn’t even get to try once. :slight_smile:


Yes, you can use the GPT API to do this.