YouTube Links from an API call?

Is it possible to get the API to return a link to a video?

Ex, “I want a cozy Christmas video to watch on YouTube, please send me the link to one?”

If it’s possible, what API model should I use?

The API doesn’t have internet access, therefore if you ask it for links, it will either hallucinate or say that’s not able to (which is true).
You would need to implement this logic yourself.

That’s a shame, thank you. Hopefully there will be internet access in the future

Why do you not use your own Internet access for this? It seems like something you would want complete control over.

I’m interested how good the API is at picking links

It is zero good at picking links.

If it were enabled to do so, it would simply run a search (likely Bing) and return the results. This is something you can easily do for yourself.

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You could try function calling so that the LLM gives you the search term and then on your end you actually grab the link: GitHub - joetats/youtube_search: Tool for searching for youtube videos to avoid using their heavily rate-limited API

But as others noted, your initial idea kind of assumed the LLM had some sort of vast knowledge of specific Youtube videos vs. search terms of Youtube