Is there a way to API responses to providing only URLs?

I’m hoping to implementation a solution where the API only returns a URL, or at least includes a URL in the response provided. Is there a way to do this?

I’m using a no-code tool so my options may be limited but I’m guessing there is some way to add a parameter to the protocol to only return (or at least include) URLs based off the input provided. Any suggestions?

Has this got anything to do with Open AI and Large Language Models? If not then you are likely not in the right place.

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Yes, the API im leveraging is ChapGPT-4 API.

ChatGPT-4 via the API cannot use web browsing therfore you can not recieve a URL from it.

Can you write a little bit more about what exactly you are trying to achieve?

Can you provide some example inputs and the outputs you are hoping to receive?


definitely - so an example would be a user would describe an object their looking for “large wooden chair” and the response from API would be some furniture URL that best matched that description.

I’m hoping to allow additional iterations in the future from the user, (ie, large wooden chair with a cushion, or 3ft tall wooden chair, etc.) and the API returns a different URL, but that’s for later.

The goal is to provide a single URL response powered by ChatGPT’s LLM, where that response provided is the most relevant option per each searcher’s query.

And where do these URL’s point to and how do you expect the LLM to know about them?

A large language model is mostly meant for natural language processing of some kind.

It’s not meant as a (direct) search engine.

So you are probably going to have to rely on some local function in your system to perform web searches unless all these URLs are coming from your existing dataset.

definitely - as i was typing my last response i started to realizing im going to need to build my own web searching function. thank you for the help/feedback.