Your entire life in 1 flowchart according to GPT-4


Neat - what was the process of creating this diagram? It looks cool!

Thank you!

It’s actually really easy, all you need to ask for is “plantUML” (universal model language), you can then use a separate program or editor to convert the code to an actual figure.

Here’s another example with the prompt:

Write a plantUML choice diagram using the following context: “How to live like it’s 99”

You can feed GPT-4 a lot of context too, I use this to create flow charts for entire lab experiments :laughing:


Where did you create this? On GPT or on a separate website?

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Yes is a website named plantuml and you use the GPT to write the code for diagram, look:
This will make my life more easy :smiley: , thx @N2U