# Your API isn't working

i have a problem im using a script and it says that my API is not working. i registered under Francis Vending and changed it to Personal and it is still not working.

I added 120 dollars credit to my Open AI account and the API is still not working when generating davinci content

when running the script below it is not continue because open api API is not working

import openai

from random import choice

from PIL import Image

from PIL import ImageFile


import requests

import shutil

import os

import json

import base64

from pexels_api import API

from time import sleep

import cloudscraper

import people_also_ask

from googleapiclient.discovery import build

scraper = cloudscraper.create_scraper()

What should i do i have created API multiple times and it does not work

Hey @franzink7! Can you share the error message you are getting from the API?

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