Yes, its possible. Codex can build an entire program


Hello after watching your video started experimenting how to do a calculator via the sandbox. And manadged to do a working calculator with just 2 instructions!

What was interesting is second instruction was ```
It should allow multiple operations to be chained together, such as 3+5*6-2/4=

so portraying the idea with an example does the trick. While even better prompts describing variables didnt!
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My application: can be useful for generating applications in the way that you are demonstrating. It allows you to generate / change code in a file, given the content of another file / files / functions and natural language description of what you want it to do. You won’t have to copy paste the code from playground to the files and it allows you to quickly retry, if you are not satisfied with the output.

Here I show how that works:

You can also include functions as context which hasn’t been demonstrated above because that feature didn’t exist when I was recording the above video, but you can provide a function as a context like this:

[path to the file] → [name of the function / method]

Example: → bar

It works with Python, PHP, Java, GoLang and the rest of the languages but with the rest it can work a bit worse.

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