WSA compatibility issue/added compatibility for WSA

Would love to use Chatgpt on WSA, especially for the new voice feature, but it doesn’t let you login, neither with google nor manually etc.

It is the only app that has that issue, I’d guess it is intentional or just not implemented yet?

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same I’m getting this kinda error

Edit: Tried getting Chrome through play store in WSA and it logs in fine on the ChatGPT website. I have a feeling they’re blocking allat intentionally in the app through WSA.

I am getting different error, although i have tried installing the google play protect and I am on android 13.

Hi just a small update :

I have tried installing with google playstore with the following build of WSA .

WSABuilds LTS Build #3 (03/06/24) for Windows 11 arm64


I ma getting this error :
Something went wrong. Please make sure your device’s date and time are set properly.
Check that your internet connection is stable, then restart the app and try again.
(code:c2a38ebb-18a 2-4cc2-a429-1419f3252489 401
891 dba94fd14cad5-HAM)