Working on a social housing project in india, all the content using chatgpt

As are are a team of professionals in housing market joined together as a brand- CoHabita an architect led housing project in kerala, india to help people who find sharing resources and opportunities to have a greater life than living at a single home which is typically remain disconnected from the society .
Project is all about community housing without the involvement of a profit making builder or any promoting agency to make the costing optimal. In this 250 apartment units in five towers in a land of six acres which is located just 9 kms away from the city centre we are creating a full scale housing project with all the amenities and facilities suitable for a sensible and responsible life of multigenerational community.

The idea of the project is to produce only spaces which is optimised for a better living based on minimalism and its usability with an ergonomic design and approach.

Since we mentione earlier this project lead and executed by an essential combination of professionals and residents in any housing project, so it will be financially and environmentally beneficial to the society by avoiding heavily invested real estates sharks and profit making builders.

So we are in very limited financial position to run advertising campaigns and billboards etc.
we are looking for support from Open AI to generate content for the project and its social media users and general audience alike.

What kind of support you are looking for? Can it be more specifically stated?

Content creation, to propagate the idea behind the project and though small but responsible communities can help the planet to reduce household emissions and improve the quality of life. Resource are being shared and is really important to have a perspective for all generations within the community.

Kids should have hundred of parents- we need turf, swimming pools, badminton courts, skate parks, game rooms etc

Community kitchen - place to socialise and have a healthy food culture for all

Seniors should not be segregated - we are opposing the old age homes as senors must stay with the same society and people they have been living with.

Works stations for the working professionals

Gym and other facilities for all

Every nooks and corners should have a space to sit and talk

Sky walk - Jogging track runs through the five buildings and canopy of trees

Medical care and services available for assisted living

Community can suggest views and ideas